>> COLIN FARRELL had to lose 25 pounds (11 kilograms) to play a skinny writer in his latest film, ASK THE DUST. He was put on a highly restrictive diet that banned alcohol.

>> Colin to teach country dancing in his native Ireland when he was a teenager.

>> Colin performed a naked ballet dance for his ASK THE DUST co-star Salma Hayek in order to help her relax before a sex scene.

>> Colin's ex-girlfriend, former Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain, will receive a $3 million advance payment if the sex tape the couple made together is released.




Welcome to Colin James Farrell .com
This site is dedicated to the handsome, dark-haired Irish actor with an intense screen presence, Colin Farrell, who shot to fame in the USA as a cagey army recruit with a penchant for troublemaking in "Tigerland" (2000).



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